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Neurofeedback supports moderation of alcohol intake and reset of relationship with mother

“I decided to get Neurofeedback as a way of strengthening my ability not to drink.  I had developed a heavy drinking habit during an abusive marriage but after divorce, although having reduced considerably, I was always in the category AA describes as ‘white knuckle sobriety’ ie staying sober took a lot of effort.  I wanted moderate drinking to feel less effortful.

The service was great; I felt well listened to and also that there was good feedback from the therapist about changes and developments I noticed over the weeks, and how those related to the aims of neurofeedback.

After 5 sessions I had noticed some distinct changes.  With drinking itself, more of a switch-off mechanism seems to have been embedded in my mind.  I feel more comfortable with having small amounts to drink whereas for a long time I would only buy as much alcohol as I wanted to drink that evening because if I started drinking I would drink everything that was available.  I have begun to be able to have a couple of glasses and then put the bottle back in the fridge.

Unrelated to drinking, the other main thing I have been aware of is a willingness to let go of some of the grudges and resentments that built up against my mother who did not support me in leaving the abuse.  I have been able to take more perspective on why she might have behaved as she did at the time, and challenge my old feelings about this time in my life and her role in that.

Up until now, I have been able to think about her behaviour cognitively but I have not been able to change my emotional responses which have been damaging to repairing our relationship.  I feel neurofeedback has supported me to finally allow myself to forgive her which is very valuable to me as she is elderly and I did not want to hold onto continuing resentment but could not find a way to let go of it.”