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Bio Neurofeedback

The brain is what controls all of your bodily functions including movement and breathing. This is done through many different waves and transmissions throughout the nervous systems across many neurons, receptors, transmitters and more. If your brain is not regulated properly it has been known and proven to cause many different physiological and mental conditions such as attention deficit hyperactive disorder and anxiety. Bio Neurofeedback is a process that allows the brain to become more regulated and improve the symptoms of these conditions.

At BraintrainUK we can help you train your brain effectively. We offer expert clinical care for children, young adults and adults and can help treat the symptoms of many conditions including dementia, epilepsy, depression, ADHD, anxiety, migraines, down syndrome, anger, stress, addiction, vertigo, OCD, vertigo, tinnitus and more. As the brain regulation improves this conditions it can also improve other things too like high blood pressure and trauma-induced brain damage. It cannot reverse the damage or modify the structure but it’s known to improve the functionality in the brain and other areas too.

Neurofeedback is quite safe for everyone to use. It works by ‘holding a mirror to the brain’ and give it feedback to see how well it is working. Because of this the brain can be ‘trained’ to work better via the eyes and ears through video. Whilst this is going on the brain will tune in to this feedback and give a respond. The brain activity, or waves as they are widely known, is monitored during this time which is called EEG. All of this happens subconsciously too. During the procedure you are only required to relax and let your brain use its own ability to self regulate.


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