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The brain is an amazing organ which can be taught to function in different ways. Sometimes, the brain’s regulatory system does not function in quite the right way, which can result in a wide variety of conditions including ADHD, depression and epilepsy. Neurofeedback is a natural therapy which can help to improve brain regulation and enable the person to live a happier, healthier life without the use of surgery or drugs.

Among many other conditions, Neurofeedback can be helpful for people who suffer from eating disorders, such as anorexia nervosa, in which the person takes extreme measures to keep their weight low, like starving themselves and excessively exercising; bulimia, which involves purging food from the body by taking laxatives or vomiting; and binge eating, where the person feels compelled to eat excessive amounts even though they are not hungry.

Eating disorders are very serious mental conditions which often result in severe physical and emotional damage, and can even be fatal. This is why treatment and support are so important. In order to get to the root of the problem, it is vital to address the psychological issues that have led the person to develop an eating disorder. Neurofeedback can help the person to overcome their dysfunctional mindset about food and eating and take a healthier approach by enabling the brain to function in a different way.

Some people have difficulties around eating because they are unaware of their body’s needs and are unable to identify when they are hungry or full. For others, their problems develop from rigid, obsessive, or compulsive thoughts and behaviour which they feel unable to control. Eating disorders are also often linked with emotional problems such as anger and depression, or unresolved feelings about a past traumatic experience. Neurofeedback can address these issues, providing sensory feedback which “trains” the brain to correct its irregular behaviour and function in a healthier way. The treatment is completely safe and there is no risk of side effects.

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