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These days, the term “learning difficulties” is widespread due to how commonly these are diagnosed. Attention Deficit/Hyperactive Disorder, Autism Spectrum Disorder, and Dyslexia are among some of the most well-known types to affect a considerable amount of the world population. Each condition affects patients in a slightly different way, but one thing can be said of all of them: they certainly make life more challenging.

Thanks to scientific research, and the latest developments in technology, there is a solution for sufferers to improve on their conditions, with a potential opportunity to overcome them completely. Therapy sessions making use of electroencephalography to monitor brain waves while patients play video games, view images, listen to audio, or experience other sensory stimulations can help greatly. This type of revolutionary therapy has benefited many who now lead happier lives, and is called neurofeedback.

BrainTrainUK offers Hertfordshire neurofeedback as well as in Surrey and London for your convenience. All meetings are personalised and friendly, to ensure patients are obtaining the maximum benefits. They are all delivered by qualified practitioners in the field, with the knowledge and ability to monitor brain activity and effectively make adjustments as needed.

Neuro-plasticity refers to the brain’s ability to change due to experiences and it is a key discovery supporting the effectiveness of this form of therapy. Research is ongoing and in the future there is a possibility that we will get a clearer picture of the brain by using MRI machines during sessions. In the meantime, a lot of positive results have been achieved with current EEG system, making now as good time as any to take part and start living better lives.

There are many reasons to choose this type of therapy over medication. Medication often comes with various unwanted side effects, not to mention they only offer a temporary solution to symptoms, instead of providing a long term fix to the cause. These therapeutic sessions are completely safe for people of all ages, are non-invasive, and very enjoyable. We simply help the brain to readjust and relearn how to respond to stimuli, creating lasting results and improving lives significantly.

Not only is this method beneficial for learning disability sufferers, but also to treat a variety of conditions such as depression, addiction, stress, anxiety, and even migraines among others. As with many things, repetition is key. With our patient’s motivation, commitment, and dedication to the programme, together we can achieve great results.


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