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Neurofeedback is a technique used to train the brain and make it function better. It aims to use visual and audio stimulants to provide positive feedback that the brain can use to adjust itself effectively. Techniques can be used to treat many different conditions, including behavioural issues, addiction, depression and social anxiety.

The big advantage of choosing Neurofeedback is the fact that it is a completely pain-free procedure that helps you avoid having to take medication. Most illnesses associated with the brain are very difficult to understand, let alone treat. Most of the medications on the market come with potentially harmful side effects. They also don’t resolve the issues behind each condition, simply treating the symptoms instead. With a detailed neurological examination and feedback treatment you can effectively reprogram your brain and seek to resolve the issues leading to your health conditions.

Brain Train UK are accomplished Neurofeedback practitioners. We have a considerable wealth of expertise and commit to keeping up to date regarding the latest research in our industry. Every technique we employ is supported by extensive evidence so you can expect the best standards possible. You can view a huge volume of the supporting evidence on our website if you would like further details about how effective Neurofeedback therapy is. We can offer treatments that are proven to have benefits for people suffering conditions such as ADHD, depression and epilepsy.

All of the treatments we provide are led by dedicated practitioners with the experience to offer the best standards. The whole team at Brain Train UK is committed to providing the right care for every single patient, regardless of the condition they are suffering from. You can always find the best advice and rely on us to provide a great deal of detail about each individual treatment.

Brain Train UK strives to provide a unique plan for every patient, giving them the right level of support and treatment for their condition. We monitor progress during treatments and explain all improvements to you along the way. This helps you to stay motivated and engage with the practitioner.


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