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At BrainTrainUK we offer neurofeedback treatment for a broad range of patients, from young children struggling with behavioural problems to older people suffering from work stress or substance additions. All of our treatments are bespoke and carried out with the latest equipment by highly trained practitioners. Every single treatment we offer is supported by clinical research and evidence to ensure it is as effective as possible. You can browse a wealth of this research on our website and find further information from us whenever you need it.

Neurofeedback (also known as EEG biofeedback) is a process used to train the brain to adapt to stimuli in the right way. By stimulating the brain with audio and images you can see how it functions and train it to respond more efficiently. During treatment we monitor the reaction to feedback and adjust the speed, volume and size of the video accordingly. Positive reinforcement in this manner helps to smooth out functions and correct irregular behaviour.

A huge number of conditions can be caused by irregular brain functions, including learning difficulties, behaviour problems, stress, anxiety, substance addiction and vertigo. Neurofeedback treatments can help to improve symptoms and train your brain to function efficiently. The treatment process is completely pain free and non-invasive, making it suitable for patients of every age. Additionally, it is a healthy alternative to medication or surgery and has no adverse side effects.

BrainTrainUK is proud to offer treatments across London, Surrey and Hertfordshire. We have several clinics equipped with the latest technology and highly trained staff. All of our practitioners are qualified in neurofeedback, psychotherapy, coaching and education psychology. Our extensive experience means you can choose our treatment as a standalone therapy or incorporate it into your overall healthcare plan. We are incredibly flexible and offer a bespoke service for each patient, ensuring they receive tailored care that is appropriate to their needs and condition.

At BrainTrainUK we demand the highest standards from our staff to ensure each patient receives the finest care. You can trust us to offer safe, confidential services. Every interaction you have with us will be friendly, informative and comfortable so you can be at ease and embrace the treatment. We truly believe in the effectiveness of neurofeedback as a realistic alternative to potentially harmful medication or surgery.

You can find a huge amount of information on our website and build a fantastic understanding of what neurofeedback can offer.


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