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BrainTrain UK is an accomplished provider of neurofeedback treatments. We work with patients suffering from several different conditions, covering everything from learning difficulties to stress and anxiety. Every treatment we provide is backed by research so we can offer the best standard of care we can. We use the latest techniques and cutting edge equipment to keep standards as high as possible.

Neurofeedback can prove to be effective at treating several difficult conditions caused by dysfunctions in brain activity. This form of treatment is much gentler than medication because it is non-invasive and has no harmful side effects. By giving the brain positive feedback you can adjust functions and train it not to respond to stimuli in harmful ways. The results can be truly astounding and help patients to transform their lives.

A common condition we treat at BrainTrain UK is obsessive compulsive disorder. OCD is a compulsion that alters the way people think or react in certain situations. The reaction could be psychological or physical and can range in severity depending on the individual. OCD symptoms can include compulsive behaviour like cleaning or hoarding and obsessive thoughts like fearing illness or injury. The condition can be easy to spot but can prove very difficult to treat.

A 2003 study found that neurofeedback can effectively reduce OCD symptoms and may even prevent them from returning in the near future. You can find the research in its entirety on our website if you want to learn more about it. Our treatments are based on the findings so you can expect a professional service.

Neurofeedback is used to train the areas in your brain that compel you to act in an obsessive or compulsive manner. The brain is given direct feedback to help it adapt to stimuli and stop reacting in the harmful ways it normally does. With regular sessions your brain will learn to regulate itself and free you from negative behaviours.

At BrainTrain UK we give each patient a tailored treatment plan and monitor their progress throughout so we can make adjustments. We treat both mild and severe OCD in patients of all ages. All of our practitioners are trained professionals and will work with you in the most caring, personal manner. We offer flexible appointments so you can fit neurofeedback into any busy schedule. Treatments can work alongside medication but also offer a safer alternative.



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