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BrainTrain UK is proud to offer neurofeedback treatments to help people deal with symptoms associated with post traumatic stress disorder. PTSD is a condition caused when a person experiences a traumatic experience. Memories and emotions relating to the event can cause anxiety, stress and other related conditions that can have a huge impact on the individual’s life. A large number of events can cause symptoms to manifest, from a dog bite or physical violence to witnessing an accident or a crime.

Neurofeedback has been used to treat PTSD since the 1980s. Several studies have been conducted over the years with great evidence to show the benefits of treatment. You can find information about two key studies on our website if you want to learn more about the clinical evidence to support neurofeedback. We are happy to answer any questions and explain treatments to you. By explaining the process and the potential benefits we hope to ensure that every patient is comfortable and well informed.

Post traumatic stress disorder can hit people in various ways and with varying severity. The symptoms can include things like distressing memories, memory loss, negative emotions, behavioural problems, anxiety and social issues. Every individual will be impacted in different ways and the wide number of symptoms can make it difficult to find the right treatment. Neurofeedback can help patients of every age and can be tailored to suit their condition.

At BrainTrain UK we use neurofeedback to help patients come to terms with their traumatic experiences. Normally psychotherapy or EDMR would be used to treat PTSD but these both involve talking through the event and your feelings. Doing this has the potential to distress the patient and make them relive the event that triggered their condition. Neurofeedback is a much gentler treatment and can help to calm patients physically and mentally.

Alpha-Theta training is used to encourage each patient to enter a relaxed state. Once relaxed the traumatic memories shouldn’t have the same physical and emotional impact they normally do. The memories can then be ‘reprogrammed’ and you can come to terms with them. The process is gentle and can have a fantastic benefit.


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If you would like to learn more about the benefits of neurofeedback for treating PTSD please call BrainTrain UK. We offer a free initial consultation, will answer any questions you have and explain the treatment to you. There is no obligation to get treatment after the consultation if you decide it isn’t for you.