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Neurofeedback Brain Treatment for ADHD

Neurofeedback brain training for effective ADHD treatment

Brain regulation is the ability of your brain to operate appropriately given the circumstances in front of you – it’s how we control our work, school or social lives. It’s a very important function that most people take for granted. However, sometimes the brain can become dis-regulated, as with many ADHD symptoms, and can cause a sufferer tremendous difficulties in life:Common effects on children with ADHD

  • Inattentiveness – parts of the brain associated with concentration might be under aroused
  • Hyperactivity– parts associated with physical activity might be over aroused
  • Impulsiveness – the parts associated with self-control might be under aroused

Neurofeedback works so well because it is able to focus on each of these areas to restore brain regulation. It’s a powerful, evidence-based and highly effective tool to improve brain regulation and reduce the symptoms of ADHD in children. It provides a safe alternative to medication, meaning you can avoid the wide-ranging and serious side effects attributed to psycho-stimulating drugs like Methylphenidate (otherwise known as Ritalin).

Will the effects of Neurofeedback brain training be permanent?

By providing feedback, the brain is trained to regulate itself to the point where it does not require the feedback anymore. You are training the brain to perform naturally the functions it was once finding so hard to do.

Some people might call this a ‘cure’ for ADHD. With problems of brain disregulation, we would say there is not a disease to be ‘cured’, and self-regulation may very well be a complete remedy.

A Neurofeedback training programme starts with a free initial meeting, demonstration and consultation.

Get in contact today to find out more or call BrainTrainUK on 0330 111 3299 to book your initial, no-obligation meeting.

Next steps: how is the brain train program structured?

Brain Training Programme in UK for Childrens

If after your initial consultation our Neurofeedback Practitioner believes the treatment could help you or your loved one, and you are comfortable with the approach, we will invite you to commit to an initial training programme.

The minimum commitment is 20 sessions; each session taking approximately 45 minutes from arrival to departure. And like with all training programmes, the more frequently you train the better. But just like exercise, it’s important not to over train.

We understand that you need flexibility in structuring your ideal brain-training program with us, so we have created a range of variable programme lengths to suit your schedule:

  • Fast Track – 2 sessions per day, 5 days per week to complete 20 sessions in 2 weeks.

This Fast Track programme is for those who wish to see results as quickly as possible; that may live some distance from our clinics; or who are simply able to commit the time. If you wish to do the Fast Track on a residential basis we can recommend accommodation, gyms, taxi services and eating establishments.

  • Premium – 5 sessions per week to complete the 20 sessions in 1 month

Because the Premium programme delivers 20 sessions within a month, it is ideal if you live locally to a clinic and can make a regular commitment to training.

  • Standard – 2 sessions per week to complete the 20 sessions in 10 weeks

If you need to travel to the clinic or your schedule requires the sessions to be spread out, the Standard programme is perfect for you.


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