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Woman at career crossroads finds clarity and lives her dream after Neurofeedback

“I wanted to get clarity on what I wanted to do with my life.”

37 year-old Aldona, from Kensington first heard about neurofeedback from a friend who recommended BrainTrainUK.

“I’ve changed my career direction twice already. After 7 years in hospitality and 4 years in the movie industry I wanted to be absolutely sure that I’m making the right choice this time.

A few months before starting my first round of neurofeedback sessions I had decided that I wanted to change my career path again. My dream was to train people how to be more happy and effective.

My friend said that I’ll get much better clarity after neurofeedback sessions, so I decide to try.”

“I found the neurofeedback experience with BrainTrainUK amazing ! BrainTrainUK is really professional and efficient at what they do. Before I started the first set of sessions I had to fill in a proper questionnaire about my eating habits, exercise patterns, work situation, childhood memories, self believe system and medical history.

During first sessions my practitioner was monitoring my emotional states really carefully so I felt safe and well taken care of.”

In terms of results, she says “Neurofeedback has given me clarity on my goals.

I’ve released lots of stress, and changed my perception of my work and social circumstances. I became more effective at work and dealing with people suddenly became much easier, as my confidence and self-awareness increased. I was able to clearly see when my colleagues at work or suppliers were stressed or under pressure and deal with them in an appropriate way. I became more patient and adaptable, more effective at achieving my objectives.

Neurofeedback has diametrically changed my life. At the end of August 2015 I resigned from my full time office job, I’m finishing my qualification in coaching, I’m in the process of building my website and setting up my own business. “

Neurofeedback enabled me to change my dream into reality. I’m living my dream now and it’s just a beginning of an amazing journey.”

Autistic young adult overcomes anxiety of new places and trauma with Neurofeedback

 21-year old Jim is autistic and began suffering suffering from anxiety which was becoming increasingly worse.

As his mother Susan describes “I had heard about Neurofeedback for around 2 years prior to my son using it. Cognititve Behaviour Therapy was an option, but I understood Neurofeedback would help him in a more direct and faster way.

I searched online for local practitioners because Jim would possibly have difficulty travelling to London once or twice a week. And BrainTrainUK seemed a very professional company.

The whole Neurofeedback experience over the weeks was very calm and was held in a relaxed environment – which is ideal for someone with autism.”

“The first time I had Neurofeedback I felt extremely relaxed” recalls Jim, “this feeling continued after every session.”

Susan says “while our main concerns with Jim were initially to treat his anxiety, his sleep pattern was also an issue and we were pleased that Neurofeedback could help with this also.”

Jim agrees, “I had difficulty sleeping and had anxiety along with recalling bad memories. After having Neurofeedback I no longer felt anxious, I now get a decent night’s sleep and any trauma from bad memories is gone.”

I now feel able to travel to new places without any anxiety – whereas before I would not attempt to go to new places at all.”

“As parents, we have noticed many changes in Jim over the weeks – he is more social and friendly, more talkative and at ease when we have family gatherings, and generally a happier young adult.”

Jim concludes  “When I went back to college I was a lot more motivated (which we worked on in some sessions). It’s made learning a lot easier too.”

Holloway businessman: ‘Video games are best cure for concussion’

A businessman who suffered serious head injuries in a taxi crash has credited video games with his recovery.

Martin Bauer, 46, of Queensland Road, Holloway, suffered post-concussion syndrome in November after his taxi collided with a van in Leeds city centre.

While he escaped “dazed and confused” on the night, Mr Bauer, began to suffer splitting headaches a couple of days later, and was taken to A&E.

Mr Bauer, an IT programme director at the Big Data Partnership in Old Street, was forced to scale back to part-time work.

Strong painkillers meant he was unable to focus for more than two hours at a time, while he suffered further symptoms including mood swings and fatigue.

He said: “My job is really stressful and high-powered and I’d been finding it hard to focus since my head injury. Doctors advised me to rest and take painkillers but they just seem to mask the problem.”

But Mr Bauer’s fortunes changed when his sister mentioned an article she had read about neurofeedback therapy, a treatment using video games and animations to re-train areas of the brain that are “under-performing”.

So now, as part of his treatment, Mr Bauer wears electrodes on his head, which monitor brainwaves while he plays games – for example, guiding a spaceship through tunnels or driving a car.

The game is adjusted according to his brainwave patterns and this visual feedback helps stimulate the under-used part of his brain.

In the four months he has been undergoing treatment with BrainTrainUK, he has been able to concentrate for gradually longer periods and expects to return to full-time work in April.

“I was really sceptical about brain training,” Mr Bauer admitted.

“It’s not very well known in this country – but I’m so glad I gave it a go.

“I never expected it to be effective, but I thought I had nothing to lose.

“Even after the first session, I felt calmer, and it has made a difference.”

© 2016 Islington Gazette


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