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Neurofeedback is becoming increasingly popular these days. It’s a tool to improve the brains regulation without the need of medicines or surgery. It’s never harmed anyone unlike medication which often comes with unpredictable side effects, which can sometimes lead to things as serious as fatalities. Instead, this type of healthcare uses the brains natural power to regulate. Neurofeedback is a great way to have an effective natural option that will not cause any physical harm.

The process is quite simple. Neurofeedback works by utilising the brain’s natural feedback system through video and audio, sometimes even with video games. Brain activity is measured through the electrical signals to see how well they are performing, which is assessed on sophisticated computer software. By using techniques such as audio, all responses are carried out subconsciously. When the brain ‘tunes in’ to this feedback, this positive reinforcement is what helps correct any irregular behaviour that has been experienced. It’s a completely safe method to deal with an array of symptoms and has been used successfully for many years now.

At BrainTrainUK we are a leading practitioner when it comes to Surrey neurofeedback services and welcome everyone for treatment. It doesn’t matter what kind of symptoms you are exhibiting or condition you have, we are able to help. We’re not medical practitioners and do not make any diagnoses. However, we do understand that medical school training is many years behind neurofeedback research. We’re able to provide you with a comprehensive solution to needs that may have not been met with other types of healthcare.

Our services can be used to help with the symptoms of a variety of physiological and mental conditions including attention-deficit/hyperactive disorder, depression, anxiety, anger, down syndrome, migraines, epilepsy, dementia, eating disorders, stress, post traumatic stress disorder, addiction, fibromyalgia syndrome, tinnitus, vertigo, OCD and more.


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