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BrainTrain UK is proud to offer neurofeedback treatments to help patients deal with stress and the symptoms associated with it. The technique trains the brain to help it cope better with stresses and reduce the production of hormones when you feel stressed. This in turn alleviates your condition and reduces the things you feel as a result.

In the hectic modern world it is easy to let things at work or home get on top of you. Every day there is new pressure to handle and challenges to overcome. If you don’t know how to manage stress and cope with your lifestyle you can quickly find your health is affected. It is immensely difficult to diagnose someone with a stress related illness because of the number of different symptoms and the fact that each individual will react differently.

Symptoms of stress can be categorised into one of four groups; cognitive, emotional, physical and behavioural, depending on the impact they have. If you get treatment early you can learn to manage your condition much easier. Left untreated symptoms can gradually worsen until they become severe and threaten your physical or mental health.

Neurofeedback is proven to help the central nervous system to handle stress. Normally conditions are managed by taking medication or learning coping techniques that let you manage your reaction. You can use neurofeedback alongside these or as an alternative. Rather than managing stress the technique lets you build better stability and reduce the impact that anxiety or anger has on you.

At BrainTrain UK we tailor our treatments to suit each individual patient. Our services have a much higher potential for success when they are suited to the symptoms that you experience. By giving patients a unique treatment plan we also ensure that they get the right level of care and support. The comfort of knowing a knowledgeable practitioner is on hand to help you can be a fantastic comfort in itself.

Neurofeedback treatments are 100% pain free and have no side effects. Relaxation is an important part of treatment and the techniques you learn can be used at any time when you feel stress taking hold.


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If you are struggling with the symptoms of stress you can contact BrainTrain UK and book a free consultation to see what we can offer you. One of our practitioners will happily discuss the benefits of neurofeedback with you. We will try to answer all of your questions and offer as much advice as we can.