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The brain’s ability to change has been long suspected of existing for many years. Recently, scientists have found that indeed, these changes are possible. Research continues on the subject, and scientists are working on unifying all the knowledge which has been acquired so far.

The technique, used to treat various learning difficulties and other conditions is called neurofeedback. It is safe for people of all ages due to its non-invasive nature. With the long list of side effects medications often cause, and the risks surgery can pose, this type of therapy is quickly gaining popularity and becoming the preferred method of treatment among sufferers and parents.

The necessary equipment to make this type of therapy available to the public, has in the past, been difficult to access due to its high costs. Today, thanks to advancements and mass production, it is possible to deliver treatment at a cost effective price.  Each patient’s brain is different, and for this reason it is very important that each person gets a personalised attention.

A practitioner is a trained professional in the field with the knowledge to monitor and interpret brain activity picked up by electrodes placed on specific areas of the patient’s head. They are able to adjust the type of stimuli sent to the patient according to their needs.

Patients often find sessions enjoyable, since they consist largely of video, audio, and sometimes tactile stimulation, depending on preferences. Changes happen gradually and naturally, and its success is based largely on repetition. It is in a sense, teaching and training the brain to respond accordingly to stimuli. There are vast amounts of testimonials from people whose lives have greatly improved after starting a programme, which only proves how effective this system is.

BrainTrainUK takes special care in understanding every patient’s needs and lifestyles to provide a personalised service. As with all programmes, to obtain the most out of it, the patient’s commitment and motivation is important. We deliver treatment from locations in London, Surrey, and Hertfordshire for your convenience.


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