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Welcome to the UK’s leading neurofeedback practice.

We help children, youngsters and adults improve their brain function. We can reduce or eliminate symptoms of brain dis-regulation, including learning difficulties, mental health disorders and other physiological conditions including the after effects of brain injury.

We specialise in remediating the effects of trauma, including developmental trauma.

Leading-edge technology

BrainTrainUK leads the field in the UK and beyond. We were 1st with ILF Neurofeedback in the UK, 1st with Advanced Brain Mapping in Europe and 1st with SKIL-based Default Network Neurofeedback outside the Americas.

Safe, natural therapy

Using the brain’s own self-regulating ability to resolve brain dis-regulation, which causes the symptoms of many conditions, including ADHD, ASD, anxiety, depression, obsessive thoughts, vertigo, migraine, PTSD and fibromyalgia.

Long history of therapeutic benefit

Discovered by chance in a fully-blinded experiment, many peer-reviewed journal articles have been published on Neurofeedback including imaging studies showing physical brain changes.


The Neurofeedback practice you can trust

We bring together the latest scientific research, training, advanced equipment and practitioners to give you a treatment that is safe and effective.

We scan the horizon for next-generation developments, and our team-based practice makes new developments rapidly available through our clinics. As a world-leading multi-modality practice, you can trust us to have the best solutions for you.