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Home Neurofeedback

We have been offering home-based Neurofeedback since 2015.

Our home-training fits around your schedule, not our schedule.

We train you to apply the sensors to the person who is receiving the neurofeedback therapy, and to operate the equipment, and you do it when convenient for you.

One of our highly experienced Neurofeedback Practitioners oversees your training and instructs you on what to do next.

The price of our 20-session package is the same whether in-clinic or at-home. We ask that you complete a home-based 20 session package in 5 weeks. There are add-on options to take longer, or to do more sessions.

If possible, we recommend that you do the first few sessions in-clinic, and then transfer to home training.

Full details are available here: Home Neurofeedback Training March 2023.

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