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Alpha-Stim Assessment

If you are interested in Alpha-Stim, you may want to do our Alpha-Stim Assessment in Farnborough before you hire or buy one.

The Alpha-Stim Assessment shows you how you brainwave patterns respond to a short Alpha-Stim session.

The Alpha-Stim Assessment takes about an hour, and involves capturing your EEG (brainwaves) both before and after the short  Alpha-Stim session, and making a comparison of the two:

Before Alpha-Stim (Hibeta average amplitude 19.9uV)


After 6 minutes of Alpha-Stim (Hibeta average amplitude reduced to 8.7uV)

Before and After 6 minutes of Alpha-Stim comparison

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Note the Alpha-Stim Aseessment is not any form of diagnosis, neither can it predict outcome of using Alpha-Stim.