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Other Neuromodulation Devices

What are Neuromodulation Devices?

In addition to our leading-edge Neurofeedback available in our clinics and at home, we also offer a number of other neuromodulation devices for home use.

These devices work to modulate brain/nervous system in different ways, and can be very effective.

We offer a number of devices that do not curremtly ship directly to the UK for rental.

See individual pages for details of these devices.

What devices are available from BrainTrainUK?

Alpha-Stim AID

Alpha-Stim AID Cranial Electrotherapy Stimulation (CES) device.

Alpha-Stim is available to buy or rent. If you make a self-declaration as a ‘handicapped person’, you may buy free of VAT, saving £100.

More information.


VieLight Neuro Duo 3 Photobiomodulation device. Works at 10Hz (Alpha) or 40hz (Gamma).

VieLight is avaialble to rent.

More information.


The NeoSensory wristband was developed by Dr. David Eagleman’s labs, and has three modes – Duo for tinnitus, Clarify for hearing loss, and Sound Awareness for deafness.

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