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BrainTrainUK offers  a comprehensive range of Brain Assessment tools. Note that we don’t provide diagnoses.

Cognitive Assessment assesses key cognitive functions involving memory, attention, reasoning and verbal abilities.

History Assessment is key to understanding your medical history and developing your neurofeedback plan.

Symptom Profile Assessment involves review of 150+ symptoms, which are then mapped to brain functions and placements for your neurofeedback plan.

Cognitive Assessment, History Assessment and Symptom Profile Assessment are all included in our Neurofeedback packages.

Advanced QEEG (Quantitative Electroencephalogram) Brain Mapping (AQBM)  is optional. It assesses the sensory input and response systems. The rate at which we sample the world, how efficiently and effectively we integrate that information, and how well balanced our response system is. Corticolimbic imbalances are correlated with neuromarkers including, for example, trauma, physical stress, emotional stress, issues with authority.