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NeoSensory Sound Awareness

What is NeoSensory Sound Awareness?

The NeoSensory wristband was developed by Dr. David Eagleman’s labs, and has three modes – Duo for tinnitus, Clarify for hearing loss, and Sound Awareness for deafness. You set the mode you want via a smartphone app.

How does it work?

The NeoSensory Sound Awareness (previously known as ‘Buzz’ is designed for the deaf or hard of hearing. It connects you to the world around you, anabling you to be aware of sounds such as people, doorbells, cars, bicycles, dogs, and more. Don’t miss emergency sounds such as sirens and alarms ever again.

It is backed up by research published in the journal Neuroscience which showed the ability to distingish between sounds such as a dog bark, smoke alarm, door knock and phone ringing:It is a wristband looking like a ‘fitbit’ that you use whilst you are awake. It converts sounds into vibrations on yoiur wrist. after a few weeks the wristband and the part of your sensory cortex picking up the vibrations become part of your ‘hearing’ system. It works thorugh sensory substitution, the widely researched phenomena that senses can take over one another’s function if provided with the right information. .

NeoSensory do not currently ship to the UK, but you can rent NeoSensory Sound Awareness from BrainTrainUK to see how it works for you before you buy one. If yiou decide to buy one we can arrange for shipping to the UK. There is also a fully-returnable deposit that reflects the replacement costs of £1000. You will need a smartphone to run the NeoSensory App.

NeoSensory Sound Awareness Pricing

To rent:

First month (minimum) £170 plus fully refundable deposit of £1000.

Further months £100

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