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How Neurofeedback saved my life

For over 10 years, I suffered with insomnia and depression. I’d tried so many different treatments and therapies and drugs that I thought I was never going to be normal. I thought that even if I started to feel better, that it would never last and I’d always be relapsing and suffering.

But since my Neurofeedback treatment I’ve been able to consistently fall asleep at night and sleep through until my alarm. No more lying awake in the dark, no more staring at clocks, no more falling asleep in presentations during the day.

No more dozing off and missing my stop on the train. Its had an incredible effect on me as a person.

I’m calmer, less anxious, and much better at problem solving and dealing with things which used to give me panic attacks.

I don’t think its much of an exaggeration to say that Neurofeedback saved my life.

Thank you!

Ella, 23


Ella's Symptom Tracking Chart
Ella’s Symptom Tracking Chart