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Confirm Your Initial Appointment

The initial appointment is charged at £85. This includes your 1st  Neurofeedback session and if you go ahead with a package within 7 days, this session can count as part of your package and you get a £85 discount.

We charge a fee to ensure that our initial appointment slots are reserved for those serious about Neurofeedback.

What happens at my Initial Appointment ?

The initial appointment is designed to achieve the following objectives and put you in a position to make an informed decision about continuing with Neurofeedback:

  • For you to meet us, for us to understand more about you and your interest in Neurofeedback, what you would hope to achieve and give you a view on your suitability for Neurofeedback with BrainTrainUK.
  • An opportunity for you to ask any further questions you have about Neurofeedback with BrainTrainUK.
  • For you to visit one of our clinics and be comfortable you can get there conveniently, as you will have to make the journey a number of times to do Neurofeedback.
  • An opportunity to experience Neurofeedback with an initial session – if you want to experience this we will need to ask some basic questions about your history. Note that this session is designed to show you what is involved with Neurofeedback with BrainTrainUK, it is not a diagnostic test or an assessment of your responsiveness to Neurofeedback.

Note that the initial appointment is not an assessment of any kind – if you decide to progress with Neurofeedback we would want to understand your medical history, your symptoms and your goals in much more detail before your training progresses further.

Payment for Initial Appointment

To confirm your initial appointment, please enter your name below and click on the button to be taken to the secure PayPal website, where you can pay using a credit or debit card or using PayPal. Your payment details are not stored by BrainTrainUK.

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