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“My daughter Isla has gained enormous benefit from undergoing BrainTrainUK therapy. Over the 20 weeks she’s had the sessions I’ve witnessed a huge transformation in her.
She’s gone from a child who was acutely anxious, worried and displayed lots of OCD symptoms to a much more relaxed and happy girl. She laughs more and I can say with certainty, it’s changed her outlook on life which as her mother I’m thrilled about, as is she!
There’s still a little way to go but BrainTrainUK has definitely been pivotal to her improvement. We did half of the sessions at home which was useful in terms of time and fitting the sessions in to our schedule and the other half at Egham.
Stuart and Zuzana were excellent – knowledgeable, friendly and very supportive. If you’re considering undergoing BrainTraining/Neurofeedback sessions for yourself or a family member I’d highly recommend it.”

Kate, Milton Keynes


“Thank you Stuart and Zuzana for everything you’ve done for me. I feel I have really improved over these last couple of months.
It’s really helped and I’m so looking forward to the moment I can push that last bit and I feel I can be free. And I just want to say thank you because you’ve helped me through a huge step.
BrainTrainUK has made me feel much happier, relaxed and less worried.
And if you are someone who needs support like I did I would really recommend BrainTrainUK as it’s an excellent thing to use and I really think it’s worth it.
Thank you.”

Isla, age 11