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Neurofeedback EEG

The human brain is a fantastic piece of biological hardware. It is essentially a machine that is capable of self regulation and performance improvement through the use of a feedback control function. However, this system is rarely utilised to its full potential due to the difficulties in doing so. A lack of this feedback means that the brain cannot realise if there is a problem, which is an issue often present in cases where the regulatory system of the brain misfires. This misfiring can cause symptoms related to conditions such as ADHD and worse yet the brain doesn’t even realise that it is suffering from the affliction.

In order to attempt to remedy this problem, a technique called Neurofeedback can be employed. Here at Brain Train UK, we specialise in this field. You can feel great confidence in being placed in our capable hands. The treatment is completely safe. No surgery, drugs or side effects are included. We will assess the Neurofeedback EEG (Electroencephalography), which is a very technical term for saying we will measure brainwaves. Using sophisticated computer technology, these brain waves are assessed and appropriate feedback is provided to the brain. Clients can then take part in a stimulating activity such as watching a video or playing a game. When the brain starts to respond well, the stimulus will be increased, creating a positive reinforcement.

It is this reinforcement that will train the brain, enabling it to correct any irregularities that may have been occurring. Best of all, this all happens on a subconscious level, there isn’t any need for any noteworthy action or effort on the patients part. All they really need do is relax and let the treatment run its course. Neurofeedback can be used with great effectiveness on a number of conditions that are linked to brain deregulation.


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