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Neurofeedback for Long COVID

Can Neurofeedback help Long COVID?

It is very early days, but there are researchers who believe that Long COVID involves dysregulation of the nervous system, and have described a theory of the mechanism of how contemporary Neurofeedback could help:

Some of the symptoms of Long COVID are symptoms of nervous system disregulation, including the most common symtoms fatigue, headaches and attention deficit:

Can Neurofeedback help Long COVID?

Some neurofeedback providers in the USA are claiming success, for example in California and in Ohio.

It is very possible that Neurofeedback can help Long COVID. We cannot claim vast experience of treating those with a Long COVID diagnosis, but we have certainly successfully remediated many of the symptoms of Long COVID in many clients.

If you came to see us, we would develop a plan bespoke to you and your specific symptoms, and ask you to track progress over your sessions to guide the therapy.


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