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Neurofeedback for Musical Performance

Can Neurofeedback improve Musical Performance ?

Scientific studies have shown that as few as ten 15 minute sessions of Neurofeedback training over several weeks provided dramatic improvements in musical performance (on average equivalent to a whole grade) and improvements up to 50% were measured.

 61 students from Royal College of Music in London took part in this 2003 study. They were randomly assigned to different training methods, only the group with Neurofeedback Alpha-Theta training had significant improvements in musical skills.

Their performances were assessed ‘blind’ before and after by 3 expert judges on 10-point scales adapted from the Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music evaluation criteria, who judged improvements in:

  • + 14.4% in Overall quality


  • + 16.4% in Musical understanding


  • + 13.5% in Stylistic accuracy


  • + 17.0% in Interpretative imagination


BBC News described how the Neurofeedback “Brain machine ‘improves musicianship'”, and Radio 4 described how the training “dramatically improved their playing ability“.

Neurofeedback inBrain in handcreases creativity, expressiveness and performance.  Because Neurofeedback is a tool to enhance brain performance, it can also help in many other areas of academic life and is used to help overcome learning difficulties and developmental disorders.

With Neurofeedback we give the brain information to enable the brain’s natural ability to self-regulate and change itself through neuroplasticity. This is the most effective approach to Neurofeedback training and we are proud that we can help our clients with the best possible equipment on the market.

Why should you try Neurofeedback?

  • A scientifically-proven way to increase your musical quality, understanding, accuracy & interpretative imagination
  • Girl Learning To Play Saxophone In High School OrchestraAccelerate your musical learning
  • Reduce your performance anxiety & stress as you spend more time in the ‘flow’ state
  • Improve your psychological and physical well-being with long-lasting effects without having to talk about your feelings
  • You will feel more confident, more relaxed and will have clearer mind
  • You will be able to learn to your optimal potential

We have excellent results in our practice and if you decide to take part in NF training you will have a huge advantage over your colleagues.

What is Alpha-Theta Training?

Woman doing A-T NFAlpha-Theta training works on the principal of operant conditioning, whereby behaviour can be learned through reward.

In this case the ‘behaviour’ we want to reward is more Alpha and Theta brainwaves, and the ‘reward’ is a pleasant, calm ‘gong’ sound. There are two layers of auditory feedback. When you exceed the threshold for Alpha you will hear one gong sound, when you exceed the threshold for Theta you will hear another. Behind the nice gong sounds you will hear the waves gently crashing on the beach to keep you in a relaxed state.

All you have to do is relax, close your eyes, and allow the subconscious part of your brain to respond. You don’t have to do anything active, the brain does the work without effort on your part.


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