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Neurofeedback offers a great alternative to medication

Here at BrainTrainUK in Surrey we practise a safe alternative to drugs and medicine to treat many conditions and improve the performance of the brain with the technique of Neurofeedback brain training. The concept of Neurofeedback is nothing new. From the late 1950s it has been known that the brain is capable of responding to brainwave feedback. Brain training evolved from the concept of classical conditioning which involves the principle that unconscious behaviour can be learned by rewarding it. The tiny electrical signals we refer to as brain waves are measured in order to assess how well the brain is functioning. This process is called electroencephalography but it can be visualised as a stethoscope for looking at and listening to the brainwaves.

We deliver the feedback to the brain via the use of stimuli such as video games, music videos and documentaries. When treating our younger clients we use a vibrating cuddly bear to provide the feedback. Neurofeedback works so well for children and adults because there is absolutely no pressure to actually think about anything. Clients simply just relax and everything occurs subconsciously as the brain uses its own ability for self-regulation. The brain then tunes itself in to the feedback provided and responds by adjusting. The brain is trained by the positive reinforcement of the feedback to correct any irregular behaviour it may have been displaying.

There are numerous conditions that correlate with brain activity and negative effects on the regulation. Neurofeedback has been utilised for many years now in order to help the symptoms of many mental and physiological conditions. From Anger, Eating Disorders and Depression to Addiction, Epilepsy and Obsessive Compulsive Disorder we implement Neurofeedback to focus on the parts of the brain that need help in order to aid the parts of the body or internal system that are being impacted. Obsessive Compulsive Disorder is an example of the brain having abnormal activity in the areas of the brain that relate to emotions and reaction. Neurofeedback focuses on the parts of the brain associated with control and emotional reactivity. Neurofeedback helps the brain to reduce the symptoms of Obsessive Compulsive Disorder by improving self-regulation.

Neurofeedback in Surrey is a completely safe form of treatment and involves no medication, surgery or side effects. For any information visit us at or call us on 0330 111 3299 to book a free consultation