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Neurofeedback Surrey

Neurofeedback is an alternative treatment that can effectively treat several neurological and behavioural conditions including ADHD, depression, anxiety and addiction. Techniques are not new but have benefited a great deal from technological advances. Computer and video game technology has allowed much more engaging treatment experiences, improving the sensory stimulation and quality of feedback that is received. This in turn helps to provide a more effective course of treatment.

Neurofeedback works on the principle that the brain is dynamic and can adapt to stimuli. This means that you can actually train the brain and alter its structure with feedback. In turn this lets you treat the cause of conditions rather than just managing the symptoms. The technique is non-invasive and has no negative side effects, unlike taking medication. Some patients may experience changes to sleeping patterns or headaches at first but these can be resolved by changing the feedback frequency during sessions.

If you are interested in Neurofeedback in Surrey and want experienced practitioners who vow to give you the best possible care come to Braintrain UK. Our approach is friendly and informative, offering highly trained practitioners, the most advanced equipment and a comfortable environment. All of the techniques we use incorporate the latest scientific research to offer great results. Treatments can successfully treat a wide range of learning difficulties, psychological conditions and associated disorders, all without the use of medication.

With Braintrain UK you get a treatment plan that is 100% unique to you. We know that every brain is different so a similar approach to treatment is required for the best results. An extensive initial assessment and diagnosis helps to determine which techniques will be best for you. Whilst treating you we track progress and set goals so you can stay motivated. Every session is delivered on a one-on-one basis, providing individual care.


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