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Neurofeedback UK

Conditions like learning difficulties, ADHD, anxiety, migraines, depression, addiction, and stress can be successfully treated without the need of medications by a form of therapy called neurofeedback. It is suitable for people of all ages including children and the elderly because it is safe and non invasive. This type of therapy has been around since the 1950’s since then, many have benefited from positive results.

This type of treatment to put it simply, involves in training the brain to adequately respond to stimuli. Normally, whenever we concentrate, focus, learn, or relax, our brains enter a receptive state which can be measured in waves. To measure brainwaves, electrodes are placed on the scalp in key positions. The information, or feedback is then transmitted to a computer screen which can be monitored by technicians who observe and document the patient’s progress.

The patient can choose the type of stimulus they prefer, which can be in audio, visual, or tactile form. To the patient it will be a pleasant experience made up of interactions they take part in. The interactions range from basic video games a person can control with the brain, to watching videos, or other different activities. Over time, the patient’s brain will learn to respond correctly to the stimuli it is presented with, successfully using its own ability to self-regulate. Here, repetition is key and typically completing a program will take about 20 sessions.

Currently, sessions of Neurofeedback in UK are being offered by BrainTrain UK. We are a team of highly skilled and dedicated professionals with a deep interest in helping people to effectively overcome a variety of conditions. We offer a complete personalised service and one to one sessions to help our customers feel comfortable and successfully achieve their goals with the program.


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