Sairah Shah – Education Consultant

Sairah graduated in History in History (Asia and Africa) from the University of London’s School of Oriental & African Studies where she also gained a Masters in History. Sairah pursued her initial ambition to write for a newspaper and worked in Lahore, Pakistan for a daily broadsheet before returning to train to teach in History at The University of Bath. Sairah has taught History and been a successful education leader in a variety of mainstream contexts in including 5 secondary schools, an FE College and local authority for 20 years.

Her fascination in neuroscience started as a young learner herself in reading about the study of phrenology during the Victorian period. The modern developments in the field of Neuroscience became a focus of her pastoral support in schools 15 years ago from which point she has been seeking strategies and meaningful interventions to support the learners she has taught and supported by using her research and applying this to her practice.

Sairah believes that coming across the work of BrainTrainUK and the potential of Brain Mapping and Neurofeedback based on this, could be a breakthrough in education where no other intervention has  reached in assisting numerous young people achieve optimal brain function.

Sairah was Assistant Headteacher with Surrey County Council (SCC) Virtual School for Looked after Children. Sairah was instrumental in commissioning the SCC project with BrainTrainUK for looked-after children.

Sairah advises BrainTrainUK on our strategy for the educational sector.