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Existing Therapists who want to offer Neurofeedback Services for Trauma

Offering Neurofeedback Therapy

We have developed a unique offer for existing practices who wish to add Neurofeedback to their therapeutic modalities.

Our licensing model is ideal for busy therapy practices that would like to expand their offering to include neurofeedback.

The benefits of adding Neurofeedback therapy to your practice:

  • Help more clients – offer a solution for clients who have suffered trauma and can’t or won’t engage in talking therapies.
  • Better outcomes for clients – reach the parts other therapies can’t reach with neurofeedback.
  • Differentiate your practice by offering this leading-edge therapy.

The challenges of adding Neurofeedback therapy to your practice:

  • You don’t know where to start; there are many approaches to neurofeedback, and it is a dynamic field, changing all the time.
  • Like medicine, you can’t learn neurofeedback in a classroom. You learn technical information in a classroom and learn to practice with mentoring. Where can you get this training & mentoring?
  • Where will you find the time both to get trained through a very steep learning curve? Where will you find the time to deliver neurofeedback?
  • How do you establish credibility as a new provider of this new modality?

Our licensing model for existing therapists gives you all of the benefits of adding Neurofeedback therapy to your practice and solves all the challenges:

  • You will licence the UK’s leading neurofeedback practice’s best-of-breed approach, with proven technology, processes and systems.
  • We will train your Neurofeedback Technicians.
  • We will provide a Neurofeedback Practitioner to oversee the Technicians.
  • We will provide marketing collateral, website presence and your own practice landing page to establish your credibility and market your neurofeedback services.
  • We will provide our Social Network Marketing Guide to assist you in marketing your practice.
  • We will support you with introductory talks/webinars/local press coverage to help you launch your practice with maximum impact.

Our Model

We are selective to whom we offer our model. You will need to align with our values, share our vision for the field and be a strong ambassador in your area.

For an informal discussion, contact us on 0207 188 0887 or via our Contact Form

Our model requires an investment of £15,000. The return on this investment depends on how many sessions of Neurofeedback you deliver, but as an illustration, the return on investment over a 5 year period is shown below:

Sessions per week 13 22 44 132
Return on investment £85,000 £160,000 £350,000 £1,000,000
Return on investment 5.7x 10x 23x 71x
Average annual return on investment 47% 64% 89% 135%
Compares with stock market 8%
Compares with bank savings account 2%





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If you would like to learn more about the benefits of neurofeedback for treating trauma please call BrainTrain UK. We offer a free initial telephone consultation, will answer any questions you have and explain the treatment to you. There is no obligation to get treatment after the consultation if you decide it isn’t for you.