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NeoSensory Duo

What is NeoSensory Duo?

The NeoSensory wristband was developed by Dr. David Eagleman’s labs, and has three modes – Duo for tinnitus, Clarify for hearing loss, and Sound Awareness for deafness. You set the mode you want via a smartphone app.

How does it work?

The NeoSensory Duo is specifically aimed at training the brain to reduce symptoms of tinnitus using the principal of bimodal stimulation.

It is backed up by research published in the International Tinnitus Journal. which improvement rates of 91%, with particularly strong reduction results in those suffering severe tinnitus:It is a wristband looking like a ‘fitbit’ that you use with a smartphone app 10 minutes a day for 8 weeks. The app generates sounds and the wristband vibrates at the same frequency. This bimodal stimulation has been scientifically demonstrated to reduce the symptoms of tinnitus.

The brain is literally being trained to reduce the tinnitus sounds experienced.

NeoSensory do not currently ship to the UK, but you can rent NeoSensory Duo from BrainTrainUK. NeoSensory recommend using the NeoSensory Duo for 2 months, after which time the improvements are expected to be permanent. There is also a fully-returnable deposit that reflects the replacement costs. You will need a smartphone to run the NeoSensory App.

NeoSensory Duo Pricing

To rent:

First month (minimum) £170 + fully refundable desposit of £1,000.

Further months £100 per month.

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