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Assist your brain in using its unbelievable capacity

We often refer to our brains as amazing machines and like any machine the brain can experience problems that cause it to cease to function in the way it should. The brain however can be encouraged to utilise its own incredible ability to improve its performance and correct any irregularities. The brain is susceptible to certain conditions and disorders and here at BrainTrainUK we provide the technique of Neurofeedback EEG which helps the brain regulate itself and relieve the symptoms of various conditions.

Neurofeedback EEG is not owned by any particular field therefore is not utilised as part of any educational programmes in medical institutions. It is administered privately, is entirely safe and under no circumstances involves medication and surgery. It also produces absolutely no side effects. It is true that Neurofeedback has been around for many years but it is only recently that the ability the brain possesses to alter was accepted by conventional science. Often this is the case despite the existence of an abundance of contrary evidence. The inevitable result of science catching up is that Neurofeedback has become much more accessible. At one point the machinery was complex and the cost of operation ran into the millions but digital and technological advancement has produced the capabilities to provide effective brain training via the use of portable equipment.

Video, audio and touch provides feedback to the brain and you can select the method of feedback that holds the most appeal. As you relax there is a sub-conscious response from the brain and it tunes in and begins to adjust itself. You do not need to actively think as everything occurs naturally. Brain training involves attaching sensors to the scalp and nothing more. Since the discovery of brain training in the 1950s not one person has ever been harmed or suffered negative effects. We assure all our clients that the method carries with it optimum safety.

A unique factor of brain training is that it attempts to treat the existing problem whereas medication is a direct attempt to control symptoms. All the client needs to actively do is commit to the training with positive motivation. Neurofeedback can be beneficial when treating the symptoms of ADHD and various other physiological and mental conditions such as stress, addiction and eating disorders. Symptoms can improve as a result of the regulation and as the brain exerts control over the bodies’ organs and the physical structure associated with the mind it is possible that improvements in other areas will occur.