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Biofeedback training (alternatively known as neurofeedback) is a process that uses audio and visual stimuli to encourage the brain to process the information it receives. The technique literally teaches the brain how to adapt, improving its responsiveness and processing power. Regular treatments can help the brain to repair any irregularities in how it processes stimuli. This in term can resolve problems such as behavioural issues, learning difficulties anxiety, stress and even depression.

Biofeedback is a great alternative to medications. Many of the conditions that the technique can help to improve would otherwise be dealt with by prescribing medication. Unfortunately these medicines have varying degrees of effectiveness and can have some very serious side effects. Even effective medication only treats the symptoms rather than the issues behind the condition. Biofeedback is non-invasive and has no side effects in the traditional sense. Many patients even find the process to be relaxing.

If you’re considering trying biofeedback training you can find extensive information and professional services at Brain Train UK. We have the latest equipment, knowledgeable practitioners and base all of our techniques on the latest scientific research. To help our patients get a better understanding of what we provide and the benefits of treatment we have provided a great deal of the research on our website. You can browse through it at your leisure and get answers to practically any questions you may have.

Brain Train UK offers services for patients of all ages. Each treatment is tailored to the individual to offer a more personal approach. Our practitioners are proud to offer support throughout and help you to develop your own strategic plan. We monitor your progress and note improvements along the way so you can see the benefit of treatment. The biggest comfort is knowing that we will always make a practitioner available to talk to you about your condition and needs.

With Brain Train UK you can expect personal services and transparent pricing at all times. We aim to offer the best standards of support and care. Right from the initial consultation we will explain costs and set out a unique plan for you. Every patient is important to us and we vow to do the best we can for them.

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