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FDA Approves Test Showing ADHD = Brain Deregulation – So What ?

ADHD Brain Test – Do We Need This In The UK ?

So this week the USA’s Food and Drug Administration  (FDA) approved the first brain wave test to help diagnose attention deficit hyperactivity disorder in children. They cited a study that demonstrated that brain deregulation correlates with ADHD symptoms.

We welcome the FDA announcement because it formally acknowledges that ADHD is linked to brain deregulation.

One question raised is do we need this over here ?

Well, if you want it and are prepared to spend £500 you can join the queue to get one now, but why would you spend £500 to learn that ADHD symptoms are caused by brain deregulation, when this was discovered 36 years ago by Dr Joel Lubar ?

He also discovered that brain deregulation can be corrected using Neurofeedback and make the symptoms go away.

Why spend good money discovering what scientists have known since 1976 when you could invest that money into a Neurofeedback programme to train the brain to re-regulate ?

Cards on the table time

  • At BrainTrainUK we don’t do these tests – we don’t believe they are necessary, we don’t believe they are  good value for clients and we don’t need them to help symptoms of brain deregulation.
  • We provide Neurofeedback services to re-regulate the brain and we are so confident in the success rate that we offer a money-back guarantee – if we don’t help your child’s symptoms we will refund your fee.
  • We don’t need a diagnosis to help.
  • We practise in Surrey, Hertfordshire and Battersea (Clapham Junction).
To discuss how we could help, for more information about neurofeednack for ADHD symptoms,or to book an initial appointment, please contact BrainTrainUK today on 0330 111 3299.