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Inter-Brain Synchrony Research with Bournemouth University

Inter-Brain Synchrony

Today Hayley Clarke & I visited Bounemouth University to meet our friends and colleagues Marcia Saul, Dr Fred Charles and Dr Xun He for the first time in-person since February 2020.

With the University being locked down our practical research had to go on hold, but we are pleased to be able to report that it will be re-starting soon.

In the meantime we have been working on a literature review of the field of hyperscanning (EEG analysis of more than one person at a time) and social anxiety.

Marcia also presented a poster on a previous experiment at the 8th International Brain-Computer Interface Meeting in Brussels in June 2021. You can view it here.

Hayley, Stuart, Dr Xun, Marcia, Dr Fred at Bournemouth University EEG Lab, 8th November 2021

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Stuart Black, 8th November 2021.