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Neurofeedback – the Third Way ?

ADHD Medication versus Therapy

A recent blog by Marilyn Wedge ‘Why French Kid’s Don’t Have ADHD’ contrasts the differences between the United States, where 9% + of children have an ADHD diagnosis, and France, where it is less than 0.5%.

How can this 18x disparity be explained ?

In the USA, ADHD symptoms are regarded as a biological disorder, with a biological treatment – psychostimulant drugs like methylphenidate (Ritalin) and Dexamfetamine (Dexadrine, Adderall).

In France, ADHD symptoms are regarded as having psychosocial and situational causes, look for the cause in the child’s social environment and nutrition rather than jumping to the brain itself, and treat with therapy.

Marilyn believes that the treatment approaches are a reflection of the French philosophy of child rearing, which is to have a clear ‘cadre’ or ‘framework’ that sets clear limits of behaviour and discipline.

But does it have to be a choice between the two approaches (medication vs. therapy) or is there a third way ?

At BrainTrainUK we believe in an integrated approach that recognises there is some truth in most approaches, but the whole truth is only apparent by integrating approaches.

The French cadre is a way of training habits of behaviour that become part of the person’s normal way of working and create habits for life.

Psychostimulant medication works directly on the brain’s chemistry (in a way the drug companies admit they don’t really understand) to mask some symptoms of brain dis-regulation from showing themselves externally, but only lasts as long as the medication is taken and does nothing to address the root cause.

Neurofeedback can provide the best of both worlds – it acts directly on the brain to train the brain to work better and give it a stronger framework. It addresses the root cause to teach lasting habits of behaviour directly to the brain. And best of all it does this without drugs.

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