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Neurofeedback for Trauma now available in audiobook

BrainTrainUK Founder launches audiobook – Neurofeedback for Trauma

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Following on from the Action Trauma Trauma Summit 2022 in Belfast, where we launched our founder Stuart Black’s book, Neurofeedback For Trauma – Past Present and Future, we can announce that the audiobook version is now available here. Last few copies of the paper book available here.

Order Audiobook here

Dr Bessel van der Kolk’s talk emphasised the power of Neurofeedback for trauma and echoed the book’s message that few people have heard of it. The book aims to set this right.

Bessel van der Kolk's summary slide on how to overcome trauma: Last word to ... Neurofeedback
Bessel van der Kolk’s summary slide on how to overcome trauma: Last word to … Neurofeedback
Dr Bessel van der Kolk and BrainTrainUK Founder Stuart Black at Trauma Summit 2022

The book is targetted as existing trauma practitioners who are interested in incorporating Neurofeedback into their service. It describes Stuart’s personal journey, the journey of BrainTrainUK and all that we have learned about this approach.

It goes into detail unavailable anywhere else on the different modalities/methods of Neurofoeedback, those that we have chosen and why.

Order Audiobook here

It describes how existing therapists can navigate the field and add Neurofeedback to their services quickly and easily.

It’s a very limited print run, and we have a few copies left over from the conference. It’s not available on Amazon or elsewhere.

The remaining paper copies can be bought through this link.

Many thanks to John Franklin Audio for their help in creating the audiobook.

Stuart Black, 17th October 2022.