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Neurofeedback Services for Central & Local Government, IFAs, Adoption Agencies & Charities

Our Services

Applied Neuroscience Solutions Ltd, trading as BrainTrainUK, are pioneers in providing Brain Mapping and Neurofeedback services to local authorities, independent fostering agencies (IFAs), adoption agencies and charities.

Unique aspects of our service include:

  • Advanced QEEG Brain Mapping providing unique insights and perspectives, motivating clients to engage with change
  • Multi-modality Neurofeedback delivering Neuro-Sequential Model
  • Guaranteed outcomes (terms and conditions apply, based on 25+ client programmes)
  • In-source model to bring the service into your organisation if desired
  • Business Case generation support
  • Experienced engagement with officers/elected members to support your Business Case
  • Ability to design a study around a programme, for publication in conjunction with academic partners

Detailed information on the background, theory, research and practice, specifically with regard to trauma, is contained in the following webpages together with full references:

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If you would like to learn more about the benefits of neurofeedback for treating trauma please call BrainTrain UK. We offer a free initial telephone consultation, will answer any questions you have and explain the treatment to you. There is no obligation to get treatment after the consultation if you decide it isn’t for you.