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Use Neurofeedback to regulate activity and treat conditions

Neurofeedback is used to help regulate the activity of the brain and as a result can be implemented to effectively treat other conditions. There are many symptoms that are associated with the issue of brain de-regulation and several physiological and mental conditions can benefit from Neurofeedback.

The effects of brain training have been widely known for many years and now that technology has significantly advanced it has become easy to treat clients. The treatment involves providing feedback to the brain and using technology to assess the brainwaves.  It is a completely safe and non-invasive process and can be used to treat children and adults. Many children are diagnosed with ADHD which is essentially a label to describe the combined states of hyperactivity, impulsivity and inattention. ADHD is a controversial and complex issue and the inherent ambiguity involved creates much confusion.

We choose to concentrate on the symptoms as those are undeniably real.  The brain can easily de-regulate and cease to function in the way it should and the effects can be very distressing as they affect everyday life such a schoolwork and social interaction. With the use of safe and constructive methods Neurofeedback allows us to focus on the specific areas that are struggling and effectively restore brain regulation. Where children are involved there is always a reluctance to administer medication and we can offer the benefits of drug free Neurofeedback UK parents can rely on to provide assistance to their children without the concern of potentially damaging side effects.

Regarding the permanence of the effects of brain training it is important to realise that when we train the brain to regulate itself it once again discovers how to do something it previously found difficult and therefore no longer requires the feedback.

We have been successfully using brain training to treat many conditions for years now and we are experts in providing Neurofeedback UK clients can find great relief from and it is our central goal to bring brain training to as many people as we can. There are numerous conditions such as Epilepsy and Migraine that are essentially neurological disturbances and often people think the only support exists in the form of medication. With Neurofeedback we can successfully target areas by training the brain to control the abnormal activity that is occurring. As we do not perceive brain irregularity as a form of disease we do not label our method as a cure. Brain training is simply about highlighting the areas of the brain that are exhibiting irregular behaviour and encouraging its natural ability to correct them.