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We can encourage performance growth for your brain much like others do for bodies

We all know how to train our bodies but here at Braintrain UK we concentrate on working on the brain and encouraging it to perform better. Despite the discovery that the brain could respond to brainwave feedback as early as the 50s it is only recently that necessary equipment has become more accessible. For a long time it was extremely complex, too great in size and located only at research universities. Now that digital technology has simplified the process by enabling us to use portable equipment we are able to offer the benefits of Neurofeedback to London clients.

Neurofeedback works by providing feedback to the brain and encouraging it to self-regulate. The feedback lets the brain know how well it is working and it then makes adjustments to perform better. The process is very simple and extremely safe. It can be imagined as a stethoscope that is listening to the brainwaves. It involves the use of visual stimuli such as music videos and documentaries and our technology assesses the brainwaves and how well the brain is functioning. Our method involves no use of medicines or surgery and is completely safe for children. A vibrating teddy bear is used to provide the sensory feedback for younger clients.

The wonderful thing about brain training is that the clients do not need to actively think or be aware of their brain activity. Everything occurs subconsciously and the data is measured. You can simply sit back and relax and let the awesome power of your brain work as it utilises its own ability to self-regulate.

We know that every brain is unique and any treatment we provide will be client appropriate. Our initial consultation is FREE and without obligation as it is important to us that we assess your symptoms and gain insight. The next step will be to develop a braintraining plan that will benefit you and your symptoms.

You have a choice of methods for receiving feedback and whatever you choose you can rest assured they are non invasive and simply involve recording the activity of your brain. The video games or stimuli will respond to your brainwaves and will increase in speed, size and sound when the brain is working well and decrease for poorer brain function. As the session continues and you become relaxed your brain will automatically tune into the feedback and respond by making the necessary adjustments.

Neurofeedback in London focuses on helping the incredible machine that is the brain tap into its own power and capabilities which results in significantly improved performance and effective results for many neurological conditions.