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What is Neurofeedback in 60 second ‘scribble’ video

Watch our short video to understand what Neurofeedback is in a nutshell

What is Neurofeedback ?

Our brains are remarkable things. Weighing 3 pounds, with 100 Billion neurons,  100,000 miles of transport systems and a quadrillion connections. The brain is where the mind meets the body.

Yet despite it’s importance, the brain doesn’t usually get much feedback on how well it is working.

Neurofeedback changes this.

Neurofeedback changes this by using powerful technology developed over the last 50 years, to provide the brain with feedback on how well it’s working by ‘holding a mirror up to the brain’. Once it can see how well it is working, the brain can adjust itself to work better.

This is Neurofeedback – in a nutshell.