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In the UK Neurofeedback is commonly used to treat conditions such as ADHD

BrainTrainUK offer specialised therapeutic treatment for the symptoms of learning difficulties and various physiological and mental conditions in children, youngsters and adults. Neurofeedback training has a long and successful history of providing therapeutic benefits and relief of symptoms such as those related to ADHD.

Essentially Neurofeedback brain training involves taking an investigative look at the brain and assessing how well it is actually working. We provide the feedback with the use of visual materials such as games and documentaries and this stimuli transports the feedback to the brain via the eyes and ears. Our technology causes the video to accelerate in speed and increase in sound and size if the brain is working well. All that is required from the client is relaxation and nothing more. This enables the brain to engage with the feedback which leads it to adjust in response. The sensory feedback provides positive reinforcement that basically trains the brain to regulate itself and any irregular behaviour it has been exhibiting will be corrected.

Like many beneficial treatments Neurofeedback was pioneered after an accidental discovery that highlighted a reduction in the susceptibility of laboratory cats to seizures after brain training by Barry Sterman. Another prominent name in the origin of Neurofeedback is Joe Kamiya who first demonstrated the ability to control brainwaves through feedback in the late 50s. Despite marginalisation for a period the treatment was eventually brought to the masses in the 80s by Dr Siegfried Othmer who began providing the treatment in his own clinic whilst training new practitioners and today Neurofeedback brain training is the result of many years of refinement and improvement along with reduction in costs which combine to make it easy to deliver Neurofeedback UK clients can trust in.

The brain is literally an incredible machine that is difficult to provide feedback to so it is inevitable that when the brain misfires in some way the lack of feedback results in the brain being completely unaware that it has a problem. Quite simply Neurofeedback is a tool that improves brain regulation and results in better performance.

When it comes to Neurofeedback UK clients can feel completely confident in the safety of the technique. There is no use of drugs, surgery and no side effects occur.

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