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Neurofeedback Surrey capability of remarkable quality

Many people are interested in exploring and using alternatives to medication for a better life, but are often unsure of what steps to take in respect of being able to achieve this. We are delighted that many have come to BrainTrainUK for these important first steps for a drug and treatment free approach.

BrainTrainUK are the recognised leaders and specialists in the field of Neurofeedback. For clarity on what exactly Neurofeedback is, as the name of our organization suggests it is a means of training the brain to work and function on an improved level. This is achieved by a convergence of the relevant principles of medical, psychological and psychiatric treatments. A large number of people have visited our Neurofeedback Surrey facility and experienced the immense benefits of this emerging, medication-free form of assistance and treatment.

That BrainTrainUK pursues a medication-free approach in helping people does of course raise some concerns in a society that has sadly become used to an over-reliance on drugs and tablets to help with all ailments and conditions. It has become too easy to lose sight of the fact that it is natural for the brain to learn via input from our available senses. When one goes to school, or starts a new job, one does not learn or gain the ability to do better at it by taking medication. Neurofeedback works on the principle of continuing this conditioning of the brain to keep learning and improving.

A very basic concept of how Neurofeedback works has of course just happened. You have taken the time to read this brief overview on what it is and involves, meaning you have learned. Imagine, then, what more can be possible with deliberate, professional and safe feedback being channelled into your brain. Contacting one of our qualified practitioners to discuss Neurofeedback further and to set up an appointment for a consultation assessment will continue this learning.

BraintrainUK’s Neurofeedback Surrey centre is located in idyllic, beautiful grounds, surrounded by the magnificent countryside the area has to offer. We look forward to welcoming you there, where we shall go as far out of our way as we need to in order to sure you are comfortable, relaxed and ready to engage your brain in learning how to lead the life you want. With a proud, innovative research history and level of success over the last 50 years, Neurofeedback has been established as a safe, effective and life enhancing course of treatment.