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UK based Neurofeedback services are available to all

At BrainTrainUK, we are proud of our status as the biggest Neurofeedback practice currently in the UK. Not only this, but we’re also still the fastest growing practice as our customers realise that we’re using the world’s best technology to improve the lives of all who we work with. In order to maintain this status, we regularly consult with EEG Info, the company leading the way for therapeutic applications for Neurofeedback. As soon as new updates are offered in technology, we will be using them in our practice. We have evolved the way operate over the decades of practice and experience so that we always are offering an effective treatment options to be used as a standalone service and so we can work in conjunction with existing treatment plans.

Neurofeedback works by helping the brain to regulate its activities more effectively by offering direct feedback. Ideally, this process is done naturally, but there are cases where this is not always possible or carried out effectively. This problem can manifest in a number of ways including attentional problems, brain disorders, anxiety and inhibiting peak performance for individuals. Neurofeedback can help with these conditions as the feedback delivered during the sessions is designed to promote healthy self regulation with all of our patients. It is a non invasive procedure and requires no use of medication or surgery to achieve lasting results. Sensors are placed around the scalp to monitor the brainwaves and see how it responds to feedback. This way, our skilled practitioners are able to monitor the information being received by the brain and ensure that the feedback is delivered in the most appropriate way, maximising the results.

All of our practitioners are fully qualified and proficient at their roles. As part of their training, they have all attended residential training courses offered by the founders of Neurofeedback. They are fully trained and experienced in the equipment and materials that they use to deliver treatment. We have a very strict set of self regulatory standards to adhere to so that we can maintain our exceptional standards of client care. These include rules on confidentiality, care, health, proficiency and continuing professional development. All of this has led to Brain Train UK becoming the most trusted provider of Neurofeedback in the UK for many of our clients. Understandably, many of our clients have questions they would like answering or concerns about the course of treatment they are sending a loved one to. We are only too happy to talk to all concerned with the care and treatment of those we work with to ensure that all parties are happy to proceed and that Neurofeedback is an appropriate treatment option for you. Just get in touch and we’ll arrange a consultation with one of our practitioners at a time that suits you best.